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At City Funeral Service,we know exactly what simple means

You're the next generation of funeral consumer: educated, practical, environmentally conscious, and most likely religiously non-affiliated. For you, viewing of the body, lavish floral displays, rote eulogies, and other things associated with the traditional American funeral probably aren't very meaningful.

At City Funeral Service, we're a funeral home that's addressing your needs in a revolutionary way. We've dispensed with excessive overhead and created an alternative funeral service company that specializes in direct cremation and graveside service funerals. Everything we do, every product and service that we offer, focuses on the unique needs and requirements of people who demand simplicity and privacy, whether they arrange a direct cremation or a simple graveside service.

Our low cost direct cremation service is available throughout the metropolitan New York area, along with all communities in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.

Our Yonkers address will save you hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars

We recently served an Upper East Side family. Prior to calling us, they called a large, corporately-owned funeral home that is located in their neighborhood. The director who answered their call quoted a price for a direct cremation of over $9,000.00. He then explained how their fees reflected the size of their building, the reputation of their business, and their large staff. Fortunately, this family thanked the director for his time and they called a funeral home that's in touch with reality: City Funeral Service.

Ask yourself a question: Do you really need a large building, a staff of 30, and a firm that must satisfy the insatiable financial appetite of Wall Street to provide a direct cremation service for you? Most people answer this question with a resounding "no."

In times of economic uncertainty, paying $1,000.00, $3,000.00, or $8,000.00 more for a direct cremation service doesn't make sound financial sense. In fact, it's downright irresponsible. Think about it.

Don't be intimidated by our address. Yonkers is within 30 minutes from every borough except Staten Island. Our facility is also convenient to Long Island and, naturally, all cities and towns throughout Westchester county. Remember that all of the documents required to authorize and pay for a direct cremation can be forwarded to you via FedEx, Express Mail service or we can e-mail PDF's to your inbox.

Direct cremation is a service option for people who just don't believe in funerals (and there's nothing wrong with that)

There are many reasons why people choose direct cremation over a traditional funeral service.

Some people want nothing to do with viewing of the body. Some have had a bad funeral experience in the past. Some don't believe in spending $10,000.00 on the dead.

A growing number of people don't share the religious beliefs -- not to be confused with spirituality -- or the devotion to a particular religious institution that was important to their parents or grandparents. People also live more private lives today than they did 30 years ago and direct cremation fits their let's-keep-this-simple lifestyle.

Your reasons for arranging a simple direct cremation service are personal and your business. We're not here to tell you what you should or should not be doing.

City Funeral Service is a growing, dynamic organization in an industry that's stale at best. We've embraced and promote the cremation movement and we listen to our clientele. You'll notice the difference the minute you compare our service fees and service attitude with other funeral homes.

The advantages of direct cremation

On the surface, direct cremation might appear to be a cold and emotionally-distant service option. Some funeral homes might use this as a ploy to intimidate you to spend more money on a traditional funeral service.

A direct cremation has many advantages over a costly traditional funeral service that concludes with either in-ground burial or above-ground entombment. Here are a couple of them:

  • As expenses go, a direct cremation is approximately 1/10th the cost of a traditional, $10,000.00 funeral.

    You can arrange a memorial service at a later date at a time that's more convenient to more family members and friends;

  • A memorial service allows you to be more creative because you have the time to investigate venues, music, floral arrangements, and custom-printed memorial items.

If you've purchased a traditional funeral in the past, you had to make rather costly decisions in the span of about 2 hours. With direct cremation, you can take your time and tend to your needs first. In very uncertain economic times, taking your time and keeping things simple is a very financially responsible thing to do.

If integrity and trust are important to you, call City Funeral Service...now

"Integrity is always doing the right thing...even when no one is watching." We subscribe to this philosophy and we want you to know that our reputation is impeccable, our credentials verifiable, and our funeral home (and staff) are scandal free.

When you call City Funeral Service you're trusting complete strangers with the sacred remains of someone who is very dear to you. This fact never strays from our mind.

No business should ever face a moral conundrum. The people employed by a company and who represent it either have character or they don't. Firms that proclaim that everything they do is legal doesn't mean that their actions are ethical or right. We work hard to do the right thing at all times.

It's easy -- some might argue that it's justifiable -- for mortuary personnel to detach themselves from the dead. We remind our staff every day that the body entrusted to our care is someone's mother, father, brother, lover or friend. We owe this respect to the dead...and to you.

Pay more or pay less...in the end,the choice is entirely yours

As a consumer, we know you have many choices. City Funeral Service has many fine competitors in the New York area. We'd like to take the time to thank you in advance for considering our services at this time.

Although the final cost of a direct cremation should be important, please don't let price alone be the deciding factor when you choose a direct cremation provider.

Visit other web sites -- good luck on this one -- and see who provides information quickly and easily.

Call other funeral homes and see how the people who answer the telephones treat you as a human being first -- and second, as a consumer.

We're confident that after you've evaluated all of your options, you'll honor our firm with the special task of handling the direct cremation of your loved one.

If you find a firm offering cremation services in the New York Area at rates cheaper than ours, OR if you contact a firm that lowers their prices to match ours, use caution, what seems like a bargain deal, isn't always one.

Thank you for visiting NYcremation.com.

Peter M. Frisolone and The Staff of City Funeral Service

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