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Step One - Download Documents (.PDF Files)

Informed consumers make financially-responsible decisions and they generally become strong and vocal advocates of the businesses that provide services for them.

We want you to be an informed cremation consumer. Not only is this taking the ethical high road, it's the humane and considerate thing to do for another person who just experienced a death in their family or social circle.

Please download and review the following documents:

  1. General Price List: The Federal Trade Commission requires that all funeral and cremation providers offer their customers a General Price List PRIOR TO THE DISCUSSION of funeral or cremation arrangements.

  2. Direct Cremation Itemization: This helpful, one-page document conveniently itemizes a basic, direct cremation service.

  3. Information We'll Need Form: This document will prepare you for the information we'll need to complete and file the original certificate of death with the Department of Health (or other registrar.)

Step Two - Call City Funeral Service at (877) 274-5152

You can notify City Funeral Service of a death AT ANY TIME, REGARDLESS OF THE DAY OR TIME. Whether it's 2:00 AM on Christmas Day or 2:00 PM on July 4th, we're here for you! Our staff will immediately respond to your needs, or, if our answering service should intercept the initial call, we'll call you back within 5 minutes.

We'll ask you basic information during the initial call: the name of the person who died, the date and place of death, and the name, address, and telephone number of the person making the necessary cremation arrangements (this person may or may not be you.)

If death occurs at home, we'll also ask the name, telephone number, and address of the decedent's personal physician. We'll also ask when the decedent last saw their doctor as this will determine if the Medical Examiner has to investigate the death.

We'll conclude the initial call by asking you for your verbal permission to transfer the decedent from the place of death to our funeral home. We'll also coordinate a time with you when the direct cremation arrangements can be finalized.

Step Three - Finalize The Cremation Arrangements

There are a number of documents that have to be prepared by us and signed by you before the direct cremation can take place. If you are unable to personally visit our office, these documents can be forwarded to you via FedEx, Express Mail or we can e-mail PDF files to you.

If you opt to have these documents express mailed to you, you must return them as quickly as possible to our office.

During the arrangement conference (or arrangement call if you're not personally visiting our office), we'll ask you if you want to publish a death notice in a newspaper, we'll inquire if you need printed items such as memorial cards or acknowledgment cards, and we'll ask you about the final disposition of the cremated remains.

Cremated remains can be interred in a family plot in a cemetery, placed in a niche in a columbarium, or they can be scattered at sea or over land. If the decedent was an honorably discharged veteran of U.S. Armed Service, the cremated remains can be forwarded to a National Cemetery for burial or placement in a niche, without cost to you.

City Funeral Service does NOT offer long term storage of cremated remains.

The last thing we'll do during the arrangement conference is secure payment for our services. For more about our payment policy, please read our Payment-Identification Policies page.

After payment has been made, leave everything else to us. We'll handle all of the paperwork and personally supervise the transfer of the body from our funeral home to the crematory.

If you have any questions or comments about this page of our web site, please contact City Funeral Service at (877) 274-5152. Sometimes a five-minute telephone call with a caring and experienced cremation professional can answer a question that has bothered you for years!

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