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When someone dies, listen to your heart...not the neighbors

Death can trigger raw emotions. As much as we'd like to say that death brings out the best in people, the reality is, it's usually the nasty stuff that comes to the surface.

If someone has recently died, or you're visiting our web site to gather information for an eminent death, you've most likely come to some decisions about what you want in terms of final arrangements. You've thought things through, crunched some numbers, perhaps you've spoken to some friends or relatives, and maybe you've visited a few web sites.

Don't let anyone take control and tell you what they think you have to do. You've don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

At City Funeral Service, we want you to know that we're behind any decision you make and we'll reinforce your decision every step of the way. We're not umpires shouting rules that you must follow, we're your cheerleaders.

You have options. Never forget that. You can arrange a traditional funeral with viewing of the body, a service in church or at our funeral home, and then instead of going to a cemetery, we'll go to a crematory.

On the other hand, if simplicity is more in line with your lifestyle, or perhaps extreme privacy is a concern, then either a direct cremation or a direct cremation followed by a private memorial service may be more to your liking.

Keep the old Honduran proverb in mind: "Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy." Whatever you do, don't let price alone determine your final decisions. Funerals and memorial services have served us all well for centuries. Arranging a service and actively participating in it can do wonders where grief is concerned.

Direct cremation service options

The service and merchandise options described below are NOT included in our $895.00 basic direct cremation service charge.

Any of the options will incur additional fees that will be added to the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected (purchase agreement) that we will prepare for you.

Memorial Service Planning: A memorial service is held after the body has been cremated. A memorial service can be held at our funeral home, in a house of worship, the banquet room of a hotel, or even your home.

Cremation Caskets: City Funeral Service offers a variety of caskets that are designed exclusively for cremation. Although most families who arrange a direct cremation opt for our cardboard alternative container, some, for very personal reasons, want to purchase a casket. Please click here to view our cremation caskets gallery page.

Urns: City Funeral Service offers a variety of high-quality, tasteful, affordably priced urns for cremated remains. Click here to view our cremation urn gallery page.

Scattering Services for Cremated Remains: Atlantic Ocean scattering services are available. Please call our office at (877) 274-5152 for rates and seasonal availability.

Custom Printing: We offer memorial/prayer cards, acknowledgment cards, memorial service folders and programs, and register books. Please inquire about our unique, laminated photo memorial cards. These cards feature a photograph of the decedent along with your choice of of a prayer or poem. Our laminated photo memorial cards are keepsakes that will be cherished for generations.

Obituary Placement Service: City Funeral Service will place a death notice or obituary in any newspaper you request, anywhere in the country. Since newspapers charge different rates for this service, we cannot give you an accurate price quotation until after the death notice publication order has been given to the editorial department.

Services with the body present prior to cremation

As experienced funeral service professionals, we understand that no two funerals are alike. Also, we realize that people have different psychological, spiritual, and social needs that must be addressed when a death occurs.

Many of the families we serve request to have a service with the body present prior to cremation. Naturally, we're here to serve you completely and we will honor any service request you may have.

If you want to have a service -- either a visitation period, a religious or non-sectarian service, or a combination of the two -- in our facility or elsewhere prior to cremation we can help you. Please understand that the service fees involved will be higher than the fees involved with a basic direct cremation service.

When you arrange a direct cremation service with City Funeral Service, you are paying a small portion of the overall overhead expenses that are required to operate a fully licensed, insured, and registered New York State funeral home.

When you arrange a traditional service -- with a viewing and a service for example -- you will pay a higher fee than the service fee paid by families who want a simple direct cremation. Why? Because your requests require more staff, the use of our building for the preparation and viewing of the body, and other livery equipment.

Also, you will most likely have to purchase a casket that is suitable for cremation. Although our cardboard alternative container is perfectly acceptable for direct cremation, it is not appropriate for public viewing as it does not have an interior.

Costs can quickly escalate when you deviate from a direct cremation service to a full service funeral that concludes with cremation. Whereas a typical direct cremation costs slightly over $1,400.00, a full service funeral followed by cremation can cost $6,000.00 or more.

Naturally if a full service funeral meets your needs, then by all means arrange one!

We're here to help you and we'll offer our support and experience every step of the way.

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