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$25.00 per month Preneed Direct Cremation Plan

City Funeral Service is proud to introduce our $25.00 p/month Preneed Direct Cremation Plan to individuals and families living throughout New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

This is NOT an insurance or investment program! Our Preneed Direct Cremation Plan is a trust account that YOU own (and pay taxes on) until death. Upon your death, we present a death certificate to the trust administrator and the money is transferred to us.

The benefits of planning your cremation service in advance:

  • FDIC insured accounts

  • Absolutely NO health or age restrictions

  • You know where your money is at ALL times -- yearly 1099's are provided for income tax purposes

  • Completely revocable -- If you move from our area or simply change your mind, you can close your account at ANY time and receive a full refund (principal and interest)

  • Low monthly payment plan

  • Make your monthly payment when YOU'RE ready -- NO annoying dues dates

  • The Preneed Direct Cremation Plan guarantees all funeral home charges (professional fees, urns, printed memorial items - if selected)

  • Complete record of YOUR wishes

  • Relieves stress and guilt on family members -- they'll know EXACTLY what you want!

How Do I Participate?

It's simple! Call City Funeral Service at (877) 274-5152 and let us know that you'd like to participate in our $25.00 per month Preneed Direct Cremation Plan.

One of our trained counselors will review the various options and costs with you. Afterwards, we will complete a COMPLETE itemization of all costs involved and the documents required to establish the trust.

A $250.00 deposit is required to establish the trust account. The balance is then divided by $25.00 and you will then know how many monthly payments are remaining. It's THAT EASY!

Important Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to undergo a medical exam or submit a letter from my physician? Absolutely NOT! This is NOT an insurance program so your age and/or general health status does not matter.

I've read that prepaying future cremation expenses are a bad investment. Is this true? Well, it's illegal for New York State funeral homes to offer "investment" products and services. Second, this is NOT an investment; our Preneed Direct Cremation Plan is a trust agreement that's completely under YOUR control until your death. Upon your death, the money will be transferred to us. You will know EXACTLY where YOUR money is at all times! Our Preneed Direct Cremation Plan is more closely related to a Christmas or Vacation Club than a mutual fund.

Can I run this idea by my children and attorney? Don't "run" anything by anybody. This is an important matter that demands quality time and thorough discussion with everyone of consequence in your life. Please take as much time as you need.

What if I move? Close the account and we will quickly return your principal and interest.

Why will I receive a yearly 1099 statement? Because it's YOUR money until your death. Consequently, you must report all interest to appropriate tax agencies.

Can I withdraw my interest? No. Interest must remain in the account to offset any future price increases.

What happens if I miss a monthly payment? Will my credit rating suffer? 1) Make an additional payment the next month and 2) No, your credit rating will not suffer.

Must I make my payment on a specific day of the month? Make your $25.00 payment at any time during the month that's most convenient for you.

Do you offer prepayment plans for full service funerals or graveside services? Yes. Call our office at (877) 274-5152 and we'll discuss all of your service options.

Do you offer a price guarantee? Yes we do. The word "guarantee" causes much confusion so let's clarify things a bit. As of January 16, 20107 our fee for a direct cremation is $895.00. Since we all know that overhead expenses for salaries and utilities will increase in the future, it makes sense that families will pay more in the future for a direct cremation than today. When you establish a preneed trust with us, we GUARANTEE that although costs will increase in the years ahead, your family will not be asked to contribute more money to your service arrangement. We can offer this guarantee because at death, both the principal and interest in your account will become ours.

What services would be covered by your price guarantee? Our basic service fee for a direct cremation along with an urn and custom printed memorial items (prayer/memorial cards, memorial service folders, acknowledgment cards, and a register book.)

Are there items not covered by your price guarantee? City Funeral Service does not guarantee the crematory fee, death certificates, the cost of obituaries, disposition permit fees, outside funeral director expenses, or gratuities.

Will Medicaid consider my trust agreement an asset if I enter a nursing home? Yes. However the simple solution to this is to convert your revocable trust into an irrevocable trust agreement. It takes approximately 15 minutes to prepare the paperwork for this transaction and about two business weeks to actually convert the trust so it meets Medicaid's approval.

What if I have more questions? Call City Funeral Service at (877) 274-5152 at any time and we'll do our best to help you.

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