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 About City Funeral Service_ 

Direct Cremation in New York
City Funeral Service
New York Cremation Care Since 1999 

[ Our Mission Statement ]

"To offer New Yorkers choosing Cremation the ability to do so without complication  at a fair price, while still receiving the service they deserve"

Much has changed in New York since City Funeral Service began in 1999.  9/11 Changed the fabric of this City immensely.  Entire Neighborhoods of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens have transformed from unused Industrial Zones to Bustling Urban Centers replete with High Rises and Amenities never seen here before.  New attractions such as The High Line and Hudson Yards have made New York an international playground attracting the best and brightest in industries such as Finance and New Media. Staten Island and The Bronx have welcomed thousands of New Immigrants as the world experiences a population shift never seen before.

As "The City" has has changed, so has its attitude towards death and dying, and what New Yorkers do when someone they love passes away.  Traditionally, a death would mean a service with the body present in a casket open to family and friends for viewing - in a Church, at Home , or a "Funeral Parlor".  Almost always was a religious ceremony with the body present, and a burial in a Cemetery to follow.

Fast-Foward to today.  Smaller families and a different family dynamic, more people choosing spirituality over organized religion - or no religion at all, economics, or a desire to part ways in a simple, uncomplicated manner means more Residents of New York City than ever are selecting cremation as their choice for what happens to them when they pass on.  City Funeral Service knows our client - we have been with them a long time.  We listen to you when you call us at 3AM to let us know Mom or Dad has passed at their home in Bayside Queens, or a Nursing Home on The Upper West Side of Manhattan or Throggs Neck in The Bronx.  City Funeral Service has always responded to the call for help when the customer didn't feel they had to pay the fees of a Funeral home with a Madison Avenue address, or when their neighborhood Funeral Home in Brooklyn or the Lower East Side suddenly shuttered its doors to make way for a new high-rise apartment building.  We are proud of our roots and we plan on staying around, at least for a little while longer. 

Our Yonkers address means a substantial cost savings to you.  A customer seeking Direct Cremation does not need -nor should be asked to pay for 5 acres of prime New York real estate.  We do not have public stockholders, or are driven by corporate sales quotas or tactics.  We pride ourselves on doing just what you ask us to do - provide care for someone important in your life, in a professional way, so you won't have to regret your choice of cremation provider later on.  Since we went live on the Web at in 2003, we have seen many new competitors fill the space, offering cremation services online with professional-looking "cookie-cutter" websites from funeral home marketing firms for as low as $495.00.  We even have competitors using web domain names similar to ours.  Make no mistake about it, yeah, they are professional-looking and work pretty cheap, and if price is your only concern, then there is no need to continue reading any further - there are plenty of options to choose from.  However, if superior web content full of 15+ years of experience servicing cremation families matters, combined with a dedication to customer service and tasteful facilities that are not a real estate developer's dream, City Funeral Service is the firm you should be contacting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  It is sometimes difficult in the daily routine of things to summarize what your business does, and why.  We hope this sets the record straight, and your confidence in City Funeral Service strengthened just a little bit more. 

We are happy to help you during a complicated time.

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