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Bronx NY Cremation Services - City Funeral Service - (914) 963-4499

Cremation Bronx NY

City Funeral Service offers assistance with Cremation Related Services in Bronx New York.  Our staff is available to speak with you right now.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer guidance during a difficult time.  We respond to all locations throughout The Bronx 24 Hours a day.  

Cremation Services Available

Cremation services that can be arranged with City Funeral Service are Direct Cremation, Funeral Home Service with Body Present in a Casket - open or closed, service at a Crematory, or Direct Cremation followed by a Memorial Service at our Location in Yonkers in Westchester County.  This is our only Location.  Due to the many details involved, we only list our prices for Direct Cremation on our website.  We will be happy to discuss all of our service options and your concerns via Telephone, or in person at our Funeral Home.

Direct Cremation Costs 

An "average" Direct Cremation arranged with City Funeral Service will be $1595.75, and includes the following

  1. Direct Cremation Service Charge of $1195.00: For our response to the location of the Deceased in The Bronx or New York City, and sheltering at our Facility, also providing the party responsible a pricing disclosure and crematory authorization forms required by law, a cardboard alternative container, and transit of the deceased to the Crematory Facility.  Deaths in a private home setting or where the facility requires a more time-sensitive response will carry an additional fee of $200.00

  2. Cremation performed by The Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx NY, $512.00: This delicate process is performed by the Historic Woodlawn Cemetery, and includes returning of the cremains to a designated party.  

  3. NYC DOHMH Fees:  $15.00, 1 Certified Copy of the Certificate of Death ($15.00 each), $40.00 Cremation Permit, $23.75 Shipping/Handling fee for the Certified Copies of the Certificate of Death via UPS.

  4. Gratuities - $10.00: Covers tolls, tipping of Hospital/Crematory staff for their courteous service to our staff  

A complete breakdown of all fees involved will be provided to you at the time service arrangements are finalized.  Payment may be made in full using any form of Credit or Debit Card. 

The Next Step

We will need some information about the deceased. Please download our Information We Will Need Form by clicking here, or  at the bottom of this page.  You can return this fillable .pdf document to us via e-mail or fax.  You can contact us at any time by calling (914) 963-4499 or filling out the contact form on our about us page.  If a death occurs at home, you may need to contact your Hospice provider so that a pronouncement of the death can be made.  If a home death has taken place without Hospice Care, please dial 911.  You may also be notified of a death by Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility Staff and you may be instructed to contact a Funeral Home immediately.  Please call our office so that we may respond in an expedited manor.  Please keep in mind that our service commitment to you begins when you contact us, and any instructions you give, such as responding to a death, will begin your financial responsibility for services rendered.  If another provider is selected at any time, for any reason, you may be asked to pay for the services we provide to you up to that point.  We do not bill another Funeral Home these services, they must be paid by you.

More Information

It was once said "An educated consumer is our best customer".  We are aware of the many Funeral Homes now offering low cost, cheap, or inexpensive Cremation Services to New York City via the web.  We ask you to take a look at our content versus theirs.  We have been online at since 2003 - and it shows.  Look past the cheap prices of our competitors and once again we would like to remind you of that age-old saying "You Get What You Pay For".  For more information on Cremation Services, we ask you to visit the following pages:

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